WUA LABoutique – new creative space in Geneva, designed by WaxUp Africa

Welcome to the new creative space in Geneva, WUA LABoutique

WaxUp Africa opens a new space dedicated to African trends, transmission and creativity!

A real crossroads, a meeting point of ideas and cultures. From Human to Creation, several visions intersect at WUA. It is a unique and rich niche.

This space has been thought of in a new way; the WUA LABoutique space is more than just a shop, it is also a workshop, a house, an office, an exchange space and a meeting centre; we come to give and seek information on the trends of the moment in the bubbling sector of this new and growing and creative generation.

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An opening night will be held
next Saturday, December 7
4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
at Rue des Grottes 32, 1201 Geneva