Wax Up Africa 5% Real is Rare Collection 2020

Photo by Edem Ayivi

When our smartphone has 5% of battery left, we get up and get going! We are actively looking for the plug, the charger; through this campaign, WAXUPAFRICA is looking for this energy so that it can continue its mission: to make our customers aware of “CONSUMPTION CONSCIOUSNESS”!

2013 is the year in which the WaxUp Africa initiative was born; we will learn that it is in the same year that China becomes the first commercial power. WAXUPAFRICA was born from a clear-sighted vision in the face of the first numerical observation: 20%! In 2013, only 20% of industrial textiles were produced in Africa! This figure seems appalling to us, it pushes us to act, WAXUPAFRICA comes to life!

Seven years later of actions, collections, partnership and commitment, our goal is still prevention with our customers, to make them attentive to the alarming situation in the textile industry and the urgency to consume WAX fabric made in Africa. WAX fabric is our standard bearer and our spokesman, WAX will be the voice of our fight: to consume consciously, to become an actor; to know what is behind our consumer products.

In 2019, the terror continues, the figure of 20% is falling: There only remain 5% of textile production on the continent. We therefore need to raise awareness: what is qualitative is becoming a rare commodity, what is real is becoming increasingly rare.

The manifesto is taking shape; the new 2020 campaign will talk about Rarity, will talk about Authenticity but, this time, will talk about the urgency of awakening, of this introspection to be done, of questioning our individual actions; will we have the strength to change our way of consuming, living, spending, in fine to act?!

This new campaign is a wake-up call … WUA 5% “real is rare” sounds the alarm!!

Transmission * Creativity * Trends

Waxupafrica inscribed these words on the wall of their creative house opened last December in the heart of the Grottes, WUA LABoutique, a meeting place, a zone of free expression in the heart of which creative people and actors of current trends meet; a new chapter engaged in the heart of a district in its image, the Grottes district which owes its survival to the mobilization of its inhabitants. So how can we act, you will tell us, simply and effectively by consuming WAXUPAFRICA and its allied products (more than 20 carefully selected creators have taken up residence there)? An opportunity offered to consume consciously, to bring your share and to act, it is time!