The models wearing the original Trench

Le Trench Original – A Capsule Collection de MPY

25.10.20 | Collections

A group of models in Original Trenches

Perrine, co-founder of WaxUp Africa launches its very first capsule collection! A collection born of a creative, committed and artistic vision. A vintage trench coat sourced from Amah Ayivi of Marché Noir, on which she decided to add a symbolic touch: a rare and emblematic fabric made by craftsmen, a clever mix between batik and tie & dye techniques: Art on textile made in Ghana! The set is sewn in Geneva by two local tailors that are practising their craft since their migration. The symbolism of this Trench and its creative process are the trajectories of a history….

Perrine of WaxUp Africa

Here, a rare and unique piece that contributes to the committed and conscious WUA movement, this original Trench has been designed for you. Perrine thinks that using clothing to narrate a Vision and History is an elegant way! An unconventional jacket, first of all because of its creative process. Starting on the side of Lauryn Hill, it is on this artist that Perrine discovers a revisited trench coat, the artist gives her a unique style ! When years later, Perrine came across the trenchcoats thrifted by Amah, there was a spark! What if… she continued the narrative and pushed the story of this trench coat a little further… Perrine imagines a resistant and narrative trench coat.

Amah Ayivi, founder of the Marché Noir brand in Paris
Amah Ayivi sitting on trenchcoats

Chaque Trench trouve son tissu, la magie prend !

Two local tailors working on their craft
She chose 10 trench coats and brought them back to Geneva, and the capsule was born. It is at the heart of the LAB that she will have two tailors, from Burkina Faso and Cameroon, to add the finishing touches. A section of a rare fabric made from African artisans meticulously sourced by Caroline in Ghana. Textile Art, a clever blend of batik and tie & dye techniques, a unique process and an amazing know-how; each textile is a masterpeice and cannot be replicated. Each Trench coat finds its fabric, then the magic begins!

Perrine decided to reinterpret the History of the Trench, historically the jacket known as “the trench” the protective jacket par excellence worn by soldiers and army officers. This jacket is accentuated by patches placed in a non-apparent way in the image of inner strength, a tribute to the feminine strength that is hidden in each one of us. A thought to the Minos, which means our mothers in the Fon language, more commonly known as the Amazons of Dahmoey are legendary African women known for their power and determination in battle.

Perrine advocates – what she likes to call – the AMMA, which means “Acheter Moins, Mieux Acheter”, hence the idea of a label that would say EVERYTHING, a narrated and transparent price list and detailed information through a unique product sheet that reveals what each consumer dreams of “where my money goes”! Where does my money go when I buy something?

“Wear conscious”

And if the consumer were to become an active and committed consumer, this would be the epitome of chic and elegance! The ” wear conscious “, the mantra of the WaxUp Africa house since 2013, continues its coherent action. Perrine invites you to believe in this urgent vision and to acquire a unique piece of art, a numbered and signed collector’s item, a Trench filled with good vibes, authenticity and action. To wear consciously and narrate the History of this Trench, a way of opening the way, awakening consciences and taking a step further in this new form of consumption and world vision that is taking shape.

Waxup Africa has always made it a point to work with respect for people and their environment. Starting with a selection of high quality wax fabrics made in West Africa. A firm choice of sourcing that has made the reputation of the brand.

She has acquired a singular piece with an unrivalled style. Thus, the purchasing experience translates into a strong desire for transparency in the form of an innovative label “that says it all”, acknowledging all those who participated in its elaboration. Perrine offers us a 100% transparent, conscious purchase; the gamble of a concrete commitment and a real strength given to this more awakened and urgent vision of consuming, which she always dreams of having a greater impact.

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About Waxup Africa

WaxUp Africa was born in Switzerland from the meeting between two passionate entrepreneurs: Perrine and Caroline. Their common love for Africa’s emblematic textile gave them the desire to join forces in order to highlight it and offer it its place within current trends in an ethical spirit. The founders decided, in 2013, to focus their energies on the Wax and printed fabric.

A story of commitment and passion, take part!